Welcome to ianmac.ca, the online home of Toronto-based actor, writer, and comedian Ian MacIntyre.

As an actor Ian has been a fixture on Canadian television screens for the past several years, appearing in shows such as Life With Boys, Living In Your Car, Degrassi: The Next Generation, and The Best Years. He has also starred in national commercials for McDonald’s, Circuit City, Rogers, and Subway. Recently Ian appeared as “The Champ”, the mascot for OLG’s new Rock Paper Scissors lottery game. Finally, Ian has recorded voice-over spots for Swiss Chalet, Manitoba Tel, and others. You can watch demos of Ian’s on-screen performance here, listen to his voice demo here, view photos here, and find bio info here.

As a writer Ian has produced plays, scripts, and on-air sketch comedy. He previously served as Head Writer for the OMNI TV sketch comedy special Word On The Street. Recently he was a cowriter for Spank! The 50 Shades Parody (a live musical parody of 50 Shades of Grey). To download samples of Ian’s writing, spec scripts, and other info, you can click here.

Finally, as a comedian Ian has been performing in Toronto for several years. First and foremost he is a founding member of Approximately 3 Peters, award-nominated purveyors of “sketch comedy for nerds”. In 2007, he placed third out of eight finalists selected from hundreds who auditioned across Canada on CBC’s reality TV show, Second City’s Next Comedy Legend. He has since performed for the Second City aboard Norwegian Cruise Lines, and has also improvised at venues across the city. Currently Ian is a member of The Sketchersons, writing and performing the new weekly show Sunday Night Live at Toronto’s Comedy Bar. For information about Ian’s upcoming comedy performances you can check here.

This message has been brought to you by the Ian MacIntyre for Employment for Ian MacIntyre Institute.

Hey folks, I’m getting the hang of updating this website on a more regular basis. So here’s some news:

  • Tickets for Spank! The Fifty Shades Parody at Toronto’s Panasonic Theatre are on sale. It will also be touring in Hartford, Chicago, Las Vegas, and possibly a city near you! You can also check out a review of a recent preview show in Springfield, Massachusetts here!
  • I’m currently writing a freelance episode of an upcoming animated show called Grojband, from Freemantle Enterprises. More on the airdate in the new year!
  • I found some old audio interviews which I’ve added to the website, including The Late Shift with Jason Agnew, a live appearance on Comedy Above The Pub, and an Arts Vox interview about Approximately 3 Peters.
  • A nice shoutout for myself in a review of a recent Sunday Night Live: “And Brendan Halloran’s send-up of the weekly news delivered lots of deadpan gems, including… clever impersonations of Joe Biden (Ian MacIntyre) and Paul Ryan (Jon Blair).”

Hey folks, it’s been a while since I’ve posted on here, but I have two upcoming things to tell you about, so here goes. Next Sunday, October the 14th, Sunday Night Live has not one, but TWO of the stars of HBO’s Eastbound and Down! First, we’re welcoming back to Sunday Night Live Mr. Jerry Minor (Saturday Night Live, Mr. Show, Arrested Development, Community). Also, joining us for the first time is Steve Little (Adventure Time with Finn & Jake, 30 Rock, Reno 911). They’re appearing as part of the Big City Improv Festival, with shows going on at Comedy Bar all week long!

It’s gonna be a great time sure to sell out, so get your tickets in advance here.

Coming up a bit further down the road in November, Toronto’s Panasonic Theatre will have a week-long run of the comedy play I recently co-wrote on with some really amazing people, including Jon Blair, Colin Munch, Alice Moran, and our director Jim Millan (Mythbusters Live, also the live director for the Kids In The Hall). We’ve managed to create Spank! A 50 Shades Parodywhich is pretty much exactly what it sounds like – a live stage parody of the fastest selling ebook of all time (gulp).

It’ll be playing at the Panasonic from November 14-18th, so if sexy comedy effectively written by a group of snickeringly juvenile comedians is your thing, check it out!

Hey folks, I’ve have another video to post from Sunday Night Live, this time about one of my favourite things. Naturally, I’m talking about Batman.

I wrote this video, edited part of it, and keep your eyes peeled for the most dignified cameo of my life, as a certain puzzle-based villain who you will not be seeing in The Dark Knight Rises.

Hey folks, last week I debuted my latest video at Sunday Night Live, Calvin Coolidge: Mummy Slayer and it is taking the internet by storm, as only speculative history about monster-fighting US presidents can. Here’s the video:

You can also see it featured on sites like Topless Robot, i09, Geek Tyrant, and The Toronto Star.The video was written by myself, filmed and directed by Jon Blair, and features some of my favourite people, including Dan Hershfield, Jocelyn Geddie, the aforementioned Mr. Blair, and Andy Auld.

In other news, this Wednesday, June 20th, I will be competing once again in the Toronto Comedy Brawl, the city’s biggest stand-up comedy competition! You can come down to the Crown & Tiger (414 College St) to cheer me on, or vote against me, if that’s your thing. Though I’d prefer the former. 8pm, $5, full menu and $10 pitchers!

In the meantime I’m gonna sit here and listen to this cool thunderstorm. Cheers.

2 days after going online, my recent Sunday Night Live video “Stephen Harper’s Day Off” was featured on the front page of the Canadian edition of The Huffington Post.

Check out the link here.

And, for the heck of it, watch the video again here. Or tell your friends to watch it. Either way!

Greetings internet! First off, I want to thank any and all who came out to the Myq Kaplan show last Friday – it was a great show, with a near sold-out crowd! I spent last week hitting as many stand-up rooms and open mics as I could in preparation, and it was most definitely worth it.

In other news, I have a little video here to share with you. This video was written by myself and shot by fellow Sketcherson Jon Blair, and it premiered at the most recent Sunday Night Live. If you like Canadian politics AND the teen comedy of John Hughes, then do I have the video for you… Enjoy!

If you like that, then come check out Sunday Night Live this weekend, with host Helder Brum! Sunday April 29th, 9pm, $10, Comedy Bar (945 Bloor St. W, Toronto).

In other news, Approximately 3 Peters is gearing up for a big show next month, and you’re all invited! As part of the conditions reward for winning the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival’s prestigious “Sketchiest Sketch Troupe” Award, we will be hosting a blowout show, Saturday May 19th at Comedy Bar! Joining us will be troupes Templeton Philharmonic, and longtime Peters allies Smells Like the 80’s! Details are below – see you there!

Hey folks! After a lengthy posting hiatus I am back, and I have exciting news to post about an upcoming show. I’ll be opening for Myq Kaplan on April 20th, 10:30pm, at Comedy Bar! If you’ve not gotten the chance to see me do stand up this will be the perfect opportunity, as I will likely be talking about Star Wars for a change.

As for Myq, his website describes him asa Jewy-ish atheistic vegan who spells the name “Mike” weird (sorry or you’re welcome), Myq enjoys words, social justice, Netflix, and comic books. Also non-comic books, ping-pong, and being great with women. And grammar and run-on sentence fragments. And of course, entertaining his demographic, which is anyone who might know the word “demographic.”

Myq is also one of the fastest rising stars in comedy today. Within the past 3 years, Myq has performed on the some of the largest shows on television: The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, Late Night with David Letterman, Conan on TBS, and the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.”

Advance tickets are $15, available at the Epic Nerd Show page, and will go fast. Now, to sweeten the deal, here’s one of Myq’s recent appearances on Conan O’Brien’s Tonight Show:

Hey everyone, welcome to 2011! Lots of great stuff coming up this year, not to mention some fun stuff I recently posted online.

First, Sunday Night Live is back (actually, it never left) and we’ve got an amazing show coming up this Sunday with Deadpan Powerpoint mastermind and frequent Ian drinking buddy Mike Kiss. This will definitely be one to write home about, so come see it in order to be able to write home. Over the next few weeks we’ve got hosts from TSN, as well as a HUGE Superbowl Extravaganza (which will mostly likely involve watching the Superbowl). Check back for details.

New episodes of The Puffin online – check out our website or join our new Facebook Group for updates!

I’ve also written a couple of new pieces for Dork Shelf – here’s my review of The Green Hornet (meh), an article on the Dark Knight Rises casting (hell’s yes!), and some year-end TV and comic book thoughts.

In other news, I’m about half way through The Wire. Hey, why didn’t anyone tell me this show was this good? What’s that? Everyone told me that? Okay, I’m just lazy.

Hey everyone, just wanted to drop an update about some shows coming up this December. I’ll be appearing at the Bad Dog Theatre this month in the (now) annual holiday favourite, It’s a Wonderful Improvised Life. Not to mention a show I’ve been really looking forward to – Geoff Hendry & Associates Holiday Party for Hope Air. This is a great fundraiser for Hope Air, a charity that provides airfare for people to get to medical treatment. I’ll be doing PowerPoint Karaoke, along with one of my favourite improvisers, Jen Goodhue.

I had a great time at the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival this past month, and Sunday Night Live’s been humming along nicely (this week with host Mark Debonis). Brian Crosby and I also have new episodes of The Puffin – you can listen to that here.

Oh, the McDonalds commercial I shot in September is finally airing. Seems to mostly be on CBC. Don’t feel pressured to buy muffins, though – I already got paid, regardless.

And finally, I’m linking a tribute to Leslie Nielsen. He is without question one of the funniest, most charming, subtle, and deadpan comedic actors of all time, and his movies had a huge impact on me as a kid. I remember my friends and I having our minds blown watching Airplane, The Naked Gun movies, and Hot Shots, to name a few. Heck, even in Men With Brooms a few years back he stole the show. A toast, to Leslie Nielsen!