Ian MacIntyre is a Toronto-based television writer and comedian. He has recently written for the CSA-nominated shows The Beaverton, as well as the Netflix Original Series, Degrassi: Next Class. He is currently writing for the upcoming Fresh/DHX teen sci-fi series Dark Haven High. In the past Ian has written for several shows, including Inspector Gadget, 3 Amigonauts, Camp Lakebottom, Grojband, Winston Steinberger, George Of The Jungle, and The Ron James Show. He has also been nominated for several Canadian Comedy Awards as part of sketch troupes Approximately 3 Peters and The Sketchersons and the show Spank! A 50 Shades Parody. Finally, Ian has performed with the Bad Dog Theatre, Beggar’s Canyon, and Second City Theatricals. Finally. Ian is originally from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, and is currently thinking about donairs.

Ian MacIntyre is represented for writing by Meridian Artists, and for acting by Butler Ruston Bell Talent.