Hey folks, last week I debuted my latest video at Sunday Night Live, Calvin Coolidge: Mummy Slayer and it is taking the internet by storm, as only speculative history about monster-fighting US presidents can. Here’s the video:

You can also see it featured on sites like Topless Robot, i09, Geek Tyrant, and The Toronto Star.The video was written by myself, filmed and directed by Jon Blair, and features some of my favourite people, including Dan Hershfield, Jocelyn Geddie, the aforementioned Mr. Blair, and Andy Auld.

In other news, this Wednesday, June 20th, I will be competing once again in the Toronto Comedy Brawl, the city’s biggest stand-up comedy competition! You can come down to the Crown & Tiger (414 College St) to cheer me on, or vote against me, if that’s your thing. Though I’d prefer the former. 8pm, $5, full menu and $10 pitchers!

In the meantime I’m gonna sit here and listen to this cool thunderstorm. Cheers.