The Sketchersons The homepage of The Sketchersons, where I do the Sunday Night Live show. It’s all the rage.

Approximately 3 Peters Ian, along with Pete Hill and Peter Gal, have been Toronto’s premier purveyors of “sketch comedy for nerds” since 2005.

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Internet Movie Database – Ian MacIntyre Here’s my imdb page – feel free to start forum arguments!

Comedy Bar Exactly what it sounds like – a Toronto venue dedicated to all things comedy and home of Sunday Night Live.

The Bad Dog Theatre My favourite improv theatre company in Toronto, hands down.

Dork Shelf I sometimes write comic, TV, and movie reviews for this great site. Check it out!

The Puffin The World. Talked about. On The Puffin podcast, Ian MacIntyre and Brian Crosby discuss the world every weekend. Hilariously.

The MacIntyre Dispatch Ian’s news-satire-website, which he assures you is no different than any other news-satire-website.

Friends:  Brian Crosby, Marcel St. Pierre, Jason Deline