This is Ian’s Radio Voiceover demo. Produced by Jason Deline at Ta2 Studios.


The Late Shift with Jason Agnew On August 15th, 2012 Ian sat down with Jason to discuss Sunday Night Live, appearing on a reality TV show, and comedy.

Comedy Above The Pub: S04E02March 2, 2012, Ian returns to Comedy Above The Pub, with fellow comedian Fraser Young and host Todd Van Allen, for a live taping.

Arts Vox Following the 2011 Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival, Arts Vox talks to Ian about Approximately 3 Peters and sketch comedy in Toronto.

The Puffin The World. Talked about. On The Puffin podcast, Ian MacIntyre and Brian Crosby discuss the world every weekend. Hilariously. This podcast ran from June 2010 to August 2011.

Comedy Above The Pub: S01E03 On August 13th, 2010 Ian appeared on Todd Van Allen’s podcast with Todd, Ian Atlas, and Darcy Fiander. They discussed the Approximately 3 Peters 5th Anniversary, Sketchersons, Simpsons Trivia, Watchmen, and beer.

Plank Magazine Podcast – Episode 19 On August 21st, 2010 Justin Haigh sat down with Ian MacIntyre and Approximately 3 Peters for a nice extended interview. Hear them discuss 5 year anniversaries, sketch comedy, Toronto, and life.